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The Location of Mediterranean growers for sales in the Northern European market

From a small company established in 2003 (in collaboration with Carmexco until 2011), whose business was taking care of a number of South-Mediterranean nurseries production, Bental has become a key player in the Mediterranean market of North-Europe. Close cooperation with leading manufacturers in Portugal, Spain, Italy (with emphasis on the regions of Apulia, and Sicily), Greece and Israel from early product formation to its sale in Northern European markets through Bental’s centre in Rijsenhout (between Schiphol Airport and the Aalsmeer Stock Exchange) (link) In 2021, Bental provides “Full Services” to 22 growers from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Israel with customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, France and the United Kingdom.


As of 2017, Bental exports, to Mediterranean regions, mainly potted plants produced in the Netherlands using a unique electronic user friendly webshop that allows assortments of about 80% of Dutch manufacturers in full transparency, including grower details, grower prices and product details. In 2022, the offer is expanding to Greek and Italian products as well. A branch of Bental has opened within the Aalsmeer auction, from which most of the export activity takes place.


Bental's staff includes:
Two sales people taking care of The Netherlands and North-Europe.
Export manager (link)
Operational team that includes 13 employees


Company’s owners are BenBen Nursery, Ernst Keessen and Eran Tal. BenBen Nursery (Benzion Fold) has 8 hectares of nurseries in Netiv Haasara southern Israel near Ashqelon. Ernst comes from FloraHolland where he worked in various positions for 16 years before joining Bental in 2006 and Eran comes from Research (Northern R&D project Israel) moving to production ( Galilee Plants) before being a founder, with Benzion and the late Jacob Ben Jacob, of Bental bv in 2003.

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